Health First Studio is for people who are looking for more than a gym. It is a space designed to provide a comprehensive welfare service customized to meet the needs of each client. The founder of Health First, Emanuel «Manu» Poggio, built his study thinking about those people who are looking for a style of life that allows them to maximize their physical abilities and unleash their full potential. With the conformation of a large team of professionals and the constant improvement of its facilities and equipment; Health First Studio provides a comprehensive service to its customers by offering a wide range of solutions adapted to the needs of each one of them:


Strength training and recovery and physical therapy programs for professional athletes

Personal training tailored to achieve maximum physical fitness

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Sports physiotherapy and postural rehabilitation for all ages

Physical specialized training for teenagers and children from 6 years.Judo for adults and children from 4 years

Techniques of self-defence and safety, personalized and group classesPilates for beginners, levels intermediate and advanced

Programs of gymnasium after the school and outdoors

Yoga for all the ages and levels of skill

Therapy of massages