February 21st, 2018:

After having 4 surgeries on my knee and not seeing any progress in contrary having always the knee swollen after skiing or any other sport I decided to undertake a allograft transplantation. This surgery consists in placing meniscus in your knee. The new meniscus is taken from a died person (cadaver) and donated their tissue. The surgery was successful and after 1 week at the hospital, I could start with my rehabilitation. I decided to rehabilitate with First Health Studio Marbella/ www.healthfirststudio.com Manu and Omar did a great job in enabling me not only to get maximum extension of my knee but also in preparing me with specific training sessions for the ski season. Today I’m able to ski without any pain and almost as when I started as a kid. Many thanks to Manu and Omar. Great job!









                                          February 26, 2018:

Thank you Health First Studio for always looking after me! Alex best physio ever! #Physiotherapy #HealthFirstStudio





 April 11, 2016:
Broken hand and foot. After few months, I was playing football again…Thank you very much for the help and your energy!!!




September 24, 2014:
Manu – always the great motivator even from far away: night flight landed at 2 AM – Morning run 4 km at 21’50. It is not a great moment, nor very bad. #Jetlag #inspiration #Thanks