The core of our studio

We are a health and prevention centre

In these times that we live in, we want to tell you that we are prepared to help you to undertake and achieve the change that we have been looking for so much. By this, we do not refer to a change of appearance, physical or aesthetic, but to that transformation and evolution that allows us as people to be at the height of the circumstances.

We have been for a long time in confinement that is almost unprecedented. This forced isolation generates a new context full of obstacles that, in an improvised way, we had to overcome.

In these circumstances, symptoms of illnesses never suffered before arise and have to be dealt with, such as psychosomatic illnesses. Ailments and conditions that seem less apparent but which do not, however, produce less damage.

These symptoms begin to invade our body, undermine our interior and make us sick from the inside out like those fruits that are exposed to ripening.

We are now moving towards a new normality, and we believe that in that path as professionals and as a team of Health First Studio we have a fundamental role. We understand that our work to prevent and treat from a multidisciplinary approach will allow us to be successful in this silent fight.

For this, we have a team that is ready to deal with the most difficult part of this pandemic: the day after.

To those who are suffering in silence we want to say that they are not alone and that they can get out of it. How? By connecting with the interior of each one of us by living fully and contacting our being; by harmonizing this circuit of life that allows us to fully enjoy those around us and to better interpret the world through fluid movement without limitations.

We want you to move better, that emotional and physical blockages stop holding back your potential. Together we will help you to express your full potential.

We want and must be the means that allows you to open that door that is closed and that prevents the passage to a life full of emotions and sensations!

To live! But above all to learn to live fully!
Together we will achieve this!

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